March 6, 2013

House Hunting Finds: Repurposed Sewing Machines

We are in the market for a new house and though it is rather cumbersome trying to find "the" perfect house, there is some fun and entertainment to be had going through houses that are still occupied. It's like entering a different world each time, or discovering a new book. You either like what you see or dislike it totally. Or, in some cases, you simply love it! In our recent house tours, I was blown away to discover repurposed sewing machines stylishly used as home decor in one of the houses we visited! Creativity at its best!

Here are other creative ways to repurpose old sewing machines to inspire your imaginations:

See the tutorial by Sweet C designs

Planter by My Favorite Find.

By Casa Decorada

Sink Vanity by Lumberjock 

And more inspiration: Repurposed Sewing Machines.

I wonder what Grandma would say if she sees her old sewing machine now? Will she love it or hate me?! Rawr...


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