March 28, 2013

A Natural Way to Dye Your Easter Eggs { With Printable Chart }

Now that we've covered the sweet treats and a fresh approach to your Easter Baskets, let's tackle the business of dying your Easter eggs for that awesome hunt you have planned on Easter Sunday! And since you will have younglings handling and touching these rockin' eggs, I'm sure you will agree with me that splashing those colors on those hard-boiled eggs needs to be safe and chemical-free. And yes there are natural ways to do it. Some you may haven't even thought possible.

Here are natural options you will go gaga over, Foodie or not!

  1. Use cage-free, all-natural-fed hens eggs and boil them to perfection
  2. Dye them using fruit juices, tea, spices and even coffee.
  3. Dye them with vegetables, flowers and even wine!

And here's a printable breakdown of this awesome concoction:

CLICK LINK TO PRINT PDF FILE: Natural colors for your Easter Eggs

Hoppy coloring!


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