March 1, 2013

#365Photoproject going Alphabetical with Linky

I must be insane possessed {by my camera} for embarking into this whole daily photo journaling project via The Day in Photos. It was a great idea then. And still is if you ask me! Though my "Thou-art-perfect-scenario" of being able to do it without any snag was of course blown out of proportion by reality. E.g. being sick and or of the lack of "qualified", non-boring subject. But no! I'm not giving up. Far from that. I'm rather changing things up a bit to give the project, let's just say, a little structure. Instead of random photos, which is sometimes easy but can be redundant, I'll whip up some themes each month to spice it up!

And for the month of March, I'll go alphabet-crazy. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, check some of our recent photos posted in Pinterest. I would love you forever if you follow me too! :-)

I'll follow back, just leave your links below. And if you want to contribute to the project, email us!  or leave us a comment letting us know you're interested.


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