February 3, 2013

Gastronomy of Super Bowl Sunday { Illustrated }

I was at the grocery today and it's like a jungle out there! It was filled with frantic fans gearing up for the big game. Not great for me, who is doing my normal, regular shopping but certainly a big boost for that store's earnings. It's the one event that hauls in lots of cha-chings for a lot of businesses! try a 150 million dollar cha-chings!

It's not surprising. An estimated 50 million Americans will be glued in front of their TV's during Super bowl. Include our household in that statistic. Though thankfully, we're not one of those crazies. We're subdued and we don't compete with neighbors. We play nice, believe it or not. But yes, this sheer number of viewers will easily resort to ordering takeouts or delivery - About 48 million of them will. Add .1 to include us.

We've got our chicken buffalo wings chilling nicely in the fridge and will devour them along with other 1.25 billion chicken wings that will be consumed during the game. Not to forget the pizza! My hubby is pretty set on having it for his main meal during the game. With the 75 million pizzas flying off the oven in this big day, Papa John's better not have a shortage!

We did the chart to immortalize that Americans love their Super bowl as much as they love their chips, their guacamole dips, pizzas, beers and chicken wings!

...and for that, Antacid has also immortalized its love for them in return. Touchdown!

Are you ready for some Super bowl?

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