February 11, 2013

Creative Cooking: No Fuss Chocolate Croissant

Oyyyy I "baked" today and fortunately, no disaster ensued. Successsssss! Ok, you should know baking, to me,  only usually occurs once in a blue moon {maybe the moon is blue today}. I'm an awesome cook {ahem!} it's a given,  but pleeeeazzzeee don't ask me to bake. Ironically, when you're a mom there are moments where you can't deny your child baked goodies. Why was oven ever invented? Anyway, THAT moment was today. And when it is, I make sure I get creative. I have to be yo know. My victim? Classic plain Croissant.

I personally love croissant but the plain one gets old too quickly for our palate. It was time to get creative - for our tummy's sake! And to make things easier for me {remember, I don't like to bake and I hate the tedious process}, I rely on a ready-to-bake dough from Immaculate naturally delicious Crescent Rolls. We love this brand but feel free to use your preferred brand.

Then you'll need: 1 cup of Ghirardelli Semi-sweet chocolate chips (or again, whichever brand you prefer). Prep up the dough as instructed. Place 6 (or more) pieces of chips on the bottom of the pre-cut dough. Roll to cover first row, then place additional chips and roll. With the size of my pre-cut dough, I can only roll 3x. Then complete the roll and set aside. Finish the rest. Then bake accordingly. 

Voila! Chocolate croissant in 12 minutes! Muy delicioso! I didn't even have to exert too much effort. The child is happy. Fed and full, I'm happy. My work as a mom is fulfilled for the day {well, some of it anyway}.

*Tip: You can also fill croissant with cheese or deli slices to make for a great breakfast or meal option.

Bon a Petit! 

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  1. Yum! Chocolate croissants! I'm all about quick and easy when it comes to any kind of cooking, so this is right up my alley.


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