January 27, 2013

Body Of Proof Proved Worthy of Another Season

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I'm a hardcore detective and criminal mystery shows fan. Not much on the gore but on the intricacy, complexity and intricate delivery of the plot and its suspenseful unraveling that makes you go "ah..." at every end of an episode. When a show gets you jumping off your seat at the very beginning and makes you overly excited to see the truth at the end, IS a show that definitely got "it" and worth watching.

But of course, a lot of fans don't always see shows similarly. Reason why most shows that we confidently think has "it" gets hacked even after one episode or two. I was almost afraid that Body of Proof, who I feel in love with the first time I saw it, have gotten the ax too after not seeing any updates of new shows being added since the end of its 2nd season.

photo courtesy of TV.com

But the mystery is finally revealed. Body of Proof is returning for the 3rd Season and its 2-part 1st episode will be airing on Feb 19, 2013 at 10|9c. If I miss it on TV, there is no way I will on my iPad app which I prefer sans commercials.

Here's the plot for the 1st episode:
As Megan returns to work months after Peter's death, she is thrown together on a new case with a detective from her past. A serial killer is seeking out young war veterans but the case hits close to home for Megan when the killer takes Lacey hostage. - TV.com

I love Body of Proof and its quirky characters in the person of  Dana Delany (Megan Hunt), Geoffrey Arend (Ethan Gross) and Windell Middlebrooks (Curtis Brumfield). The two latter serving the comical side of the show. Unfortunately, we won't see our favorite detective, Peter Dunlop (Nicholas Bishop) who got killed-off in the last episode in the 2nd season. Nonetheless, I'm excited to see the show again and be mystified! Bring the proof on!

What are your favorite shows that you can't get enough of and why?


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