April 4, 2012

Eaten By Gators!

This Gators have a huge taste for tourists!

Well, you get the idea! And while I'm trying to fend off (more like avoid) real meat-eating alligators and crocodiles in Florida, brace yourself for gazillion of updates coming up as soon as I get back to Charlotte. It will include my speaking gig at She Streams in Fort Lauderdale and a few other interesting tidbits of my little trek around Kissimmee and the places we've been! And of course, my smooth ride aboard the Toyota Sienna 2012. Ohweeee! We truly LOVE that car!

So, just so you know, I wasn't totally ignoring you nor fallen off the edge of the earth. Just kind of occupied in the land of Gators. Also, don't forget, the Rubbermaid 2-in-1 Recycler (a trash can/recycler to die for!) is soon ending on April 5th. Hurry and enter. YOU might just be the lucky winner.

Until then. Trulala... I'll see you in Charlotte! Soon...and probably with more tan than I anticipated.


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