May 11, 2011

Mobile Shots: Mominator Meets Zensible Mama

The Mominator and Zensible Mama @Spandex City

After a productive day promoting Lake Norman Tai Chi Center at the Asian Festival this past Saturday, we headed to a Comic Store at Mountain Island to treat our little girly for being a good girl throughout the entire event. But not realizing, I would get most of the treat! So, WHO is The Mominator?

Tai Chi with Lake Norman Tai Chi Center

Well, Mominator is a contestant in the stores' in-house Superhero contest. It just so happened that we visited the store just in time for the final voting and selection day! It was our first time at the store. We didn't know any of the contestants but we played along. I voted for Mominator and guess what? She won! And then I won one of the door prizes! Is that cool or what? 
We are The Champions, er, Winners!

Calling for Submission:
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