December 6, 2010

How To Be CheerFULL with Hallmark Christmas Goodies!

Can you believe it? Christmas is almost here! It doesn't seem that long ago when during Blogher in August, I was invited by Hallmark to party with them to celebrate Christmas in August! One that proved to be quite an eclectic experience! An entire hotel Suite decked out with Christmas decor' in the middle of Summer! Hallmark is a prominent brand in Asia when I was growing up and one that became a part of every special occasions in my life back then... and now.
The only difference back when I was younger is that, Hallmark was particularly known for its' quality greeting cards. But no more...they got better! Hallmark has evolved through the years as evident with the products they now carry.

An example are the products pictured above featuring some of the items in their CheerFULL collection:

{1} Frosty the Snowman Recordable Books - I would say the best gift especially for the Grandparents who lives far away, or a parent who is away on Military duty and can't be there to be a part of their growing child's life on a daily basis. To hear their voice over and over again during the most special season of the year, is the best present you can give them! It's also fun for your child - the book records every page as your child reads it - and to hear their own voice when it does the playback guarantees smiles and giggles!
{ going to grandma!}

{2} Hallmark Keepsake Series {A visit from Santa} - This ornament is cute! A "visit from Santa" depicts Santa carrying a lantern seemingly talking to a deer and is part of a series. It is lightweight and the artistry is just admirable. Definitely one that a friend or family would appreciate hanging on their Christmas tree this year!

{3} Hallmark Keepsake Magic featuring Hoops and Yoyo - One that will never fail to make you laugh as soon as you hit that little button to hear what they have to say! This ornament features three silly pre-recorded sounds. They're also pretty cute. One that not only your children will love but you as well.
{You know where this and number 4 is ending up on this year - Our Tree!}

{4} Webcam Greetings Holiday Cards - This card truly is a "modern" card of today's generation! Utilizing the "magic" of technology, this card comes to life in your computer with the help of a software called augmented reality {downloaded from Hallmark} and a webcam. Check the picture of the Million-Volt Card below that I played with today. Impressive if I must say!
By holding the card in front of my webcam, that animated image above appeared like it was physically in front of me - which explains me being in the background. Pretty cool huh?! Definitely a great gift for the geeks! {I already have a few in mind!}

Now you know why Hallmark will always hold
a special place in my heart...
And here's one more reason why - Christmas in August!

Be CheerFULL. Be ResourceFULL. Be ThankFULL! 
All at the same time... Only with Hallmark! 

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What other unique gift ideas are you looking to give this Christmas?

**Featured products were provided by Hallmark as part of Hallmark's marketing initiative**


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