November 24, 2010

Fisher Price New BigFoot the Monster Sweepstakes

Fisher Price recently introduced it's new toy that looks rather more like a character from an anime movie than a scary Sasquatch! I'd say it's uncannily cute. This new toy is BigFoot the Monster. The little beastie is remote-controlled and do rolls and back-flips and stands on it's two feet by just a click of a button. He even talks! What an exciting toy a kid will ever have this Christmas! And guess what you have a chance of winning this guy valued at $90!

Yes, you can! As part of Fisher Price's introduction of this new cutie, they are currently holding a sweepstakes! Entering is easy. Simply visit their Facebook page where the contest is being held, install BigFoot the Monster Mood generator widget to your Facebook profile or blog or any social networks that you belong to, where after that it will give you the prompt to fill-in the entry form! Easy!  And the mood generator is definitely a fun way to show your current mood to the whole world too!


The sweepstake ends on Dec. 15th so hurry and enter and tell all your friends about it too! As for me, I'm submitting my entry every day! I'm aiming for the win! See you there! And oh, if you want to check what mood I'm in right now, swing by my Facebook page and you'll see!

**A stipend is provided as part of this marketing initiative by Fisher Price through Big Fuel Communications**


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