July 14, 2010

Even the Universe Love Me!

Do you see what I see? This is not a graphic art. Nor a camera trick. Not photoshopped either. Can you guess what it is? What about if I just tell you, that this is actually a droplet of water that fell onto my weighing scale. I was as amazed seeing it. I was feeling a little blue that day and as I sat to take a pee pee (I know TMI there - but only way to tell the story), I happen to glance at this... just like it is on the picture above.

What a mysterious yet creative way of  letting me know I'm loved...


  1. That is just beautiful! But I don't think you need a little drop of water to know you're loved :)

  2. Definitely a sign and what a great one, so deserved and true too♥


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