March 29, 2010

Holy Hail and Tornado Sightings!

So much for hoping to compose a great post to publish tomorrow! What do you know? our freaky weather tonight has put a big dent on my thinking cap and scared me out of my wits to even think straight enough for a decent post!

While some towns in NC are being ravaged by Tornadoes, here in Charlotte, we were peppered with hail, severe thunderstorms and heavy rains. Not so inspiring! Imagine hundreds of pebbles being thrown at your glass window at a speedy rate in 5 mins while it's thundering and lightning flashing outside, you think you'd be scared too?

The great thing is, our house windows, my car windows are intact in spite of the forceful impacts of the hail. Well, that's as far as I can see in the dark. We'll see in the morrow. Crossing fingers and toes!  
So, here's the rest of my weather-interrupted post tonight presented via Whrrl.

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  1. Oddly, my little corner of the area (south of Ballantyne) missed all the hail craziness. We got thunderstorms in the middle of the night, but that's it. Some crazy weather!! Hope the car windows and all else are okay!


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