December 27, 2009

After Christmas Hop

Thank goodness for After-Holiday Sales! After being cooped up at home for 2 days and our Christmas celebrations going a bit off-kilter, getting out of the house was a huge treat in itself. So, like little kids antsy with boredom, shop-hop we went!

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After frolicking at World Market and going ornament crazy, we hopped on to another Old Navy store where I finally got what I needed (less 10% additional discount!) and where my ON-boredom-induced family decided to abandon me in place of Tarjay next door! All Christmas items were on sale for 50% off. Hubby went mad but frugal as we are, we managed to buy only those that made sense (to us anyway). We're a few dollars poorer but we had fun shop-hopping! It was worth it. Watch out for the 75% Clearance sale of Target next week if you want additional Christmas items for next year. So how was your Christmas?


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