September 18, 2009

The BIG DAY! Moms@Work Luncheon at the Convention Center

Me and Wendy Sachs (Speaker)
Emmy-Winning former Dateline NBC Producer
(yes, we have a great backdrop. You don't know when you need to run, right?)

Here is the much-awaited highlight of the event! Click on the Whrrl widget to take you to the story and to see the pictures. THANK YOU to all who donated! You made this event a success not just for me but for Dress for Success! You all rock! I've had so much fun connecting with all the wonderful moms and bumping into people I've never seen in a long time and reconnecting. Most of all I've made new friends too which is always the greatest reward of going to events such as this! I'll definitely do it again next year and hopefully see you there too!

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