September 14, 2009

Contingent Option for Minor Health Care needs

For many of us who could not afford Health Care coverage and don't have any health insurance, getting sick is not an option. But what if you do get sick? Where would you go?

Let me share to you a classic example: My little girl got sick last week. When she started complaining of ear ache, running a fever and not sleeping at night due to pain, we knew she needed medical attention. We suspected she's got ear infection but we have to be sure.

Now we could not afford to go to just any urgent clinics that charges absurd fees especially if you don't have health insurance, so we did our homework and discovered Minute Clinic by CVS Pharmacy. They charge a very nominal fee of $62 for Minor care needs. Melissa Herrington, the Physician Assistant who attended to my Little Miss Sasserfrass was very thorough and concise with her examination and diagnosis. We were definitely happy and relieved with the result and pleased with the experience.

Minute Clinic is definitely our first choice now if we do need minor medical care. And we're not the only ones apparently. There were a lot of people lined up at that clinic that day and according to Herrington, their clinic is always busy everytime! In this current economic times, I was not at all surprised. More and more people are opting for services like these and this might just be the answer we need to completely eradicate the tight rein of Health Insurance companies on us! A drastic strategy used by private-owned clinics in Canada offering memberships to their facility to eliminate the use of health insurance. Do you think this can be a sensible approach here in the US especially with this dysfunctional health care system we have?


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