June 18, 2009

Le Internationale'

There's nothing else that brings pure pleasure than seeing your own creations go places. AND I mean not just places but around the globe!

Someone once told me that "when your creations go places, a part of you goes with it..."

This is true. A designer or crafter will agree that we do have moments when we get attached to our finished products that it becomes hard to let go to sell it.

Hand made industry had taught me not just the skill to create unique pieces but the Art of letting go!

Why is it so hard to let go sometimes? The thing about handmade creations is that it requires love, care and a whole lot of patience in making it. Thus, part of you is ingrained in each creation which translates to a unique and individualized item bearing your distinct style!

One month shy to being full year in the jewelry-making industry, I'm happy to say that my creations has been going International full blast right before my eyes! Though it's hard letting go of them, I must bid them Adieu and see them off to their new "home".

This pretty Hawaiian Touch Necklace went to Sweden
to a wonderful lady.

This Zen Mala bracelets went to UK.

{Some items went to Canada, South Africa and few other countries}

You own an online store. Is going international right for you? Actually, it is. It's good for your business as I, have discovered. It expands your horizon and reach. Also gives your business a world-class distinction.

Shipping international is not as bad or difficult as other small biz owners presume, moreso feared! If you're shipping small items like handmade jewelries, it is easy peasy! seriously.

They're not that expensive either. I usually ship my items first class and most of the countries it went to only cost me as much as $4 {my current international shipping fee}. The rate usually varies depending on the weight of the item.

So how do you know how much to charge? Best way to gauge your shipping fee is weighing your items at home {a handy kitchen scale can do the trick} then check the weight per rate value listed in the price group of the country you're shipping the item to {you can check it HERE}. Most cases, they'll have the same rates which will give you an idea to either use flat rate {works best if your shipping items with identical weight value} or itemized the fees accordingly.

**Beyond 3.5 oz is considered parcel and rates are higher.

Items you need when shipping : bubble mailers {big and small}, small jewelry box to house your item and the Customs Declaration Form PS Form 2976 which will be provided for you to fill-up at the post office.

Note: declare the item as a gift and describe the item as a handmade item: "Handmade Necklace" etc. {No more questions asked}

If there's any downside to shipping international, it is the trouble of having to go to the post office to mail it. My Paypal account that is supposed to handle my shipping needs just won't do it. Nonetheless, let not the myths attached to shipping international deter you from expanding your business. It is easy as 1,2,3! Seriously.

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