February 12, 2009

Yanni Voices

Music has always been a part of my life growing up. And I have an insatiable appreciation to operatic, romantic, classical tunes especially those that speak straight to your heart!

This so, when One2One network invited me to be a part of Yanni Voices launch project, I didn't think twice! Yanni's musical style is one that speaks to me and one I love listening to!

After 5 years of absence in the spotlight, Yanni is returning to the stage in April 10 to launch an incredible world tour introducing four amazing young artists: Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas and Leslie Mills, performing LIVE along with his world-renowned Orchestra and Yanni himself in cities including Orlando, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and more! If you're in any of this cities, Get your tickets now before they're sold out!

On March 24th, Yanni is set to release the CD version of Yanni Voices, his first studio album in 6 years! Titled "Expect the Unexpected", it captures the spirit of Yanni Voices project. Teaming with Grammy & Academy Award-winning producer Rick Wake, Yanni re-interprets some of his classic, inspired compositions and debuts new music.

As a preview, PBS is broadcasting two Yanni Voices specials , the first airing now, the second, on March 2, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the album and introduces each of the featured vocalists via a live concert at the Forum at Mundo Imperial in Acapulco!

Be inspired , be enthralled with Yanni Voices! Don't miss the chance to experience Yanni's Magic!


  1. Isn't music just wonderful. It holds such power. When you hear a song it can take you back to a certain time in your life, a certain experience. it can calm you or make you move =). There is nothing more infectious than words put to a beat or rhythm =)

  2. My mom used to listen to Yanni all the time when i was younger. He does have soothing music!

  3. Wow he looks so much better then when my friends and I teased another friend for liking him. I'll have to check this out.

    I havn't kept up with blogs as much as I used to and am slowly catching up. Where will your new place be?

  4. I will have to check this out. I remember listening to him in the past and always enjoyed his music.

  5. Yanni cut his beautiful locks?

    That makes me so sad!

  6. This is too funny! I must remember to link back to this post in a few weeks when i blog about "yani." Here in egypt people say "yani" the same way we might say "um" or "like." And my husband and i always say in return, "What does Yanni have to do with it!" LOL Love this post!!!


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