July 24, 2008

FREE PROMOTION for you and your BLOG

Who don't want to shine?! Of course everyone wants to! Well, here's your chance to shine and get your blog promoted for FREE too !!! Isn't that awesome!? Unfortunately, I didn't find out about this until tonight- sorry I work full-time! :) - the deadline is by saturday, July 26. I feel such a bummer now! Anyway, if you're reading this, get your groovin' movin' and real fast! The Free promotion is offered by Liz Strauss , who is the founder of the popular Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference (SOBCon) and author of the fast selling ebook, The Secret to Writing a Successful and Outstanding Blog — The Insider’s Guide to the Conversation That’s Changing How Business Works.

Liz needed only a few informations about you and your blog and a few things. Check out her guidelines to get you started. Hurry!!! Ladies and Mommies (including gentlemen and daddies) - Good Luck!!! Hope you make it before the deadline. -Ok, You can strangle me later ! :)

Thanks to Lorelle for posting this innovative idea.
Article also published on BlogHer

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  1. Oh, I hate I missed this. I love the picture. Where did you get it? I feel like this all of time.


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