June 1, 2008


I've done some winter clean-up and removed some of the Old links here. It's New Year, New Links! If you want to exchange buttons with me, please feel free to ask.

Zen Ventures

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  1. Hey...thank you for adding me to your list. I am so sorry that my comment did not show up yesterday. I will give it another try. I love your blog so much. School begins here next Wednesday. I am so looking forward to some me time. It seems like I can never get very far on other blogs because I hear the word 'MOM'!

    I will return.

  2. Hi Maricris,
    Thank you for adding me to your list and visiting my site even medyo on the process pa. It's nice to meet some pinays around the world and sharing experiences etc.
    I have to go we will leave to the Philippines in just few hours so we are excited. I haven't been home since 2002 so exciting sana walang bagyo. Thats what is nice here in Denmark that you can have vacation 6 weeks/year but we only have to stay there for 25 days but still ok.
    Well I hope our line is back after our place was devastated by typhoon para makapagblog ako and read all your posts.

  3. hey wala pako sa fil friends mo ? :c