June 17, 2008

Proven Stain remover

If you're working in an office arena, more likely than not, you've experience the occasional pen marks on you're crisp, clean white corporate uniform or attire. Gone are the days where you go "aaarghh" when that happen with the invention of the now commercialized stain remover in the market within hand's reach, but which unfortunately can cause reactive discoloration on some colored fabric if not careful. But what if you don't have this magic stain remover in hand ? What will you do ?

Well, let me tell you that you have a magic stain remover right in your purse or your vanity drawer and is safer and even makes you smell fresh and wonderful after wards !

You may not know this but it is your handy body spray or splash ! Even your perfume !

Bath & Body Work's Orange Mandarin Body Splash - works wonders too! (Also, my favorite scent)

The alcohol content of the spray or the perfume is potent enough to break down the color molecules of the ink. Just spray directly on the stain and make sure you spray enough to do the trick. Have a paper towel or cloth handy to absorb the liquid underneath the stained spot which quickly dries anyway because the alcohol evaporates. This technique works well on polyblend fabrics. But generally, on all fabrics. This has been my secret weapon for stain when I don't have anything else and it never failed me! Try it.


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