June 15, 2008

Au Naturel

So why Au Naturel ?

Being born and raised in Asia (Philippines), I have always been exposed to "natural" products. It has been the way of life back then, be it a soap, shampoo or even the version of toothpaste. Best of all, you don't need chemicals to help exfoliate your dead skin daily. All we do is walk out in the garden or at the beach or the river and voila! Out there is a trove of unending supply. You just have to look closely to find that "special" rock ( we call them pang-hilod) - rough the right way but gentle enough to rub against the skin (This natural technique is actually doing a comeback although modified for "modern" use). So, modern times came and so did advanced technology "formulations", which started to pollute every staple resources we have with the introduction of genetically engineered by-products formulated to taint all imaginable products we have these days. Gone are the naturals. So is our health...

"Modern food and products" has totally incapacitated our body's ability to resist disease. Thus, we revert back to naturals and organic products. Something that was always within our reach but never really put importance to it. We were so blinded by the modern, by the popular - not so much that it has unhealthy ingredients in it. With all these prevalent in the market, my household tries to live healthy, meaning, eating healthy and only patronizing only natural and organic products!( we try and very hard!)

We love Morningstar Farms ( try their Asian Veggie Patty you'll fall in love with it) and Some Boca products (their italian Sausage is yummy). For milk, Hubby and my princess loves Silk milk (with omega 3 & DHA for princess) & chocolate milk respectively. My Princess has always been a soymilk drinker from the day she was weaned off breast milk. She never liked cow's milk. Silk was her best choice! Stoneyfield (rated excellent)provides our yogurt cravings and Ben & Jerry's (rated Very good) satisfies our guilty pleasures. Breakfast consist of either Kashi cereal or waffles ( i personally love honey-oats and have tried a variety of other organic ones and so far Kashi wins in the best taste category). Try their chewy bars for some healthy snack option. And if you or your child love Mac n' Cheese, you won't go wrong with Annie's to fill that need. Add in their bunny crackers for a fun snack.

These days, it is very expensive to live healthy but it's either that or your life! Even the cosmetics I use, I make sure it uses only natural ingredients and talc-free( which is found to be a carcinogen and causes cancer). I couldn't care less if I don't have signature brand name vanities in my purse. Most of them contain this harmful ingredient in their products!

So, I trust Physicians formula for my make-ups. It is affordable and the company is a purveyor of organic and natural products. And to care for my face, I use Avalon Vitamin C moisture plus with SPF 15 for daily moisture and protection from the radical effect of the sun. They have several line of products to meet your needs. For our hair and body wash, Jason does best! We especially love the lavender-infused ones. And for lipstick (hey, we end up eating it so it's worth to be extra careful), I stick with Jason Tempations Moisturizing lip tint (Jewel - Bronze shimmer) and Burt's Bees replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil .

This is just the start.It doesn't take much to live a healthy you. The biggest wealth is your health. So take care of it. I will continue to update this post with products, organic or natural enough that it is good for you and me. Live well!


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